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PDF The Ben Settlersquos Big Book Of Business Every Busin

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Nearly 1,000 Manuscript Pages of Greatness!
For the first time ever in print!!
You get all of Ben Settle’s business books on Amazon (published as of January, 2017) in one giant tome!

Inside you'll marvel at:
• Blue Chip Email Secrets – How to Make Money "at Will" Almost Every Time You Send an Email to Your List
• Selling from the Trenches
• Newbie-Proof Traffic Secrets! – 9 Easy Ways to Drive All the Traffic You Can Eat to Your Websites
• Negotiation Secrets of the World's Most Persuasive Men and Women
• 12 "Mish-Mash" Joint Venture Secrets You Can Profit from in as Little as 60 Minutes or Less
• How to Write, Produce, and Profit from Print Newsletters
• How to Quickly Get More Business by Being a Local Celebrity
• How to Get Clients in a Bad Economy – Secret Ways to Attract an Endless Flow of New Clients and Customers in 21 Days or Less... Even when the Economy Tanks
• Crypto Copywriting Secrets – How to Create Profitable Sales Letters Fast Even if You Can't Write Your Own Way out of a Paper Bag Now!
• Crackerjack Positioning – How to Control the Way People Think about You in the Marketplace
• Christian Business Secrets – How to Use Ancient Biblical Laws to Build a Thriving, Godly Business in Today's Cut-Throat Marketplace
• The Affiliate Trump Card
• 10 “Street-Smart” Secrets of an Email Marketing Strategist Who Lives and Dies by His Results
• Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains
• How to Build an “Instant” Million-Dollar Swipe File!
• Copywriter’s Crib Sheet

Ben's thrown everything but the kitchen sink into this book! (And the poor sink's beginning to look worried...)

The Ben Settle’s Big Book of Business: Every Business-Boosting Word He’s Ever Published! Ben Settle

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augmentShe was searching for a way to augment her incomejack upThe company would have to jack up its pricesadd to build up heightenThe move has heightened tension in the stateadvanceHe was busy advancing other people's workLet me know any words you'd like to see in this listing

A AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ ability - skill, intelligence, competence, experience, expertise, capability accelerate - hasten, increase, expedite access - permission, entry, obtain acceptable - reasonable, fair, appropriate accessible - reachable, available, easily entered accommodation - arrangement, agreement, place to stay or live account - statement, description, report, facts accountable - responsible, answerable, explainable, duty-bound accountability - responsibility, duty, expectation, contract, deliverable, deliverables accrue - increase, accumulate, grow, collect achievement - goal, objective, target acquire - obtain, buy, gain, procure, get, take over act - deed, perform, execute, procedure activity - action, job, duty adapt - change, modify, adjust, alter add - increase, calculate, attach adjourn - pause, break, take a break, finish adjunct - attachment, supplement, addendum adjust - change, alter, rectify, amend, modify, make more suitable adopt - accept, use, buy adverse - negative, hostile, opposed, unfavorable advice - input, help, assistance, recommendation, suggestion, feedback advise - inform, help, tell, post, brief, notify, counsel, instruct agency - organisation, service provider, representative organization agenda - list, schedule, program, programme, concerns, motive, motives, wish-list, drivers, expectation, expectations agent - contractor, operator, dealer, representative, middle-man aggressive - determined, firm, pushy, vigorous agreement - arrangement, promise, contract, understanding aid - help, assistance, support aim - goal, purpose, objective, intention alliance - agreement, partnership allot - share, apportion, distribute, allocate allow - permit, let, agree, grant, concede ambition - goal, desire, aspiration, hope, vision amass - collect, gather, store, accumulate amend - alter, change, correct, rectify, adjust, revise amount - quantity, sum analyse - examine, study, analyze analysis - examination, study, exploration, assessment, calculation annul - 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tailor-made, made to measure bet - gamble, risk, be rash, venture bias - against, for, towards, tendency, influence in favour of, in favor of bid - offer, attempt, tender books - accounts boost - increase, improve, strengthen, augment boycott - avoid, refuse, shun brand - type, design, kind, sort, trademark branded - labelled, well-known, named, patented, labeled breakdown - fail, failure, end, list of details breakthrough - discovery, development, emerge brief - instructions, explanation, summary, inform, short, concise, quick build - increase, develop, progress, create bulletin - report, news burden - duty, responsibility, onus, difficulty burgeon - rapidly grow, develop, escalate, swell business - company, organisation, work, commerce, trade, affairs, organization, venture, corporation, enterprise, concern, activity buy - purchase, obtain with money, invest in buyer - purchaser, investor, customer C AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ cancel - annul, discontinue, call off, stop, nullify candidate - applicant, contender, entrant cap - limit, surpass caretaker - custodian, janitor cargo - goods, freight, supplies, wares catalogue - list, record , catalog category - group, classification cater - provide, supply ceiling - limit, restriction, largest amount certification - qualification, authentication certify - authenticate, confirm, state officially chain - group, series, line change - alter, amend, replace, modulate, make different channel - route, direct charge - claim, accuse, responsibility chart - list, diagram, graph, draw charter - hire, lease, rent, record, permit written statement chartered - qualified, hired, rented, leased cheat - trick, deceive, defraud check - stop, control, examine, investigate, halt make certain chief - main, head, most important, highest ranking choice - selection, range, option, good quality circular - advertisement, publication, notice, letter, leaflet, notice, notification, flyer circulate - spread, publish, pass round claim - demand, request, state officially, state, legal right classify - class, order, group together, categorise, categorize clean - honest, harmless, debt-free, reliable (goods) clear - remove, approve, finish, obvious, intelligible make sense clearance - permission, sanction, leave clientele - customers, clients, trade clone - replicate, duplicate, exact copy close - finish, cease, end activity, stop operating code - standards, rules, regulations collapse - fall, decrease, fail, ruin collect - gather, obtain, bring together combine - join, unite, put together command - order, instruction, dominate commerce - business, trade commitment - promise, loyalty, agreement, duty, willingness commute - journey, travel a regular route company - business, organisation, corporation organization compete - contend, vie competence - ability, skill, knowledge, proficiency competent - able, skillful, proficient, knowledgeable compile - list, compose compliance - obedience, submission complimentary - gratis, free of charge gratis component - part of a whole, factor, element, feature, piece item comprise - consist of, include, have, made from compulsory - obligatory, binding, incumbent, mandatory con - trick, cheat, deceive, defraud, negative (opposite of 'pro') concept - idea, principle, understanding concession - compromise, trade, exchange, reduction in price, movement conduct - behaviour, bearing, demeanour, attitude, guide, manage, behavior, demeanor confer - discuss, consult, reward, bestow, give conference - meeting, discussion, talks, debate, forum inquiry confidence - trust, belief, positiveness, a secret, assurance conviction confidential - private, secret, off the record conform - obey, adapt oneself, accommodate connect - join, link, attach, contact consensus - general view, agreement consolidate - bring or join together, combine, centralise, centralize construct - build, make, formulate, erect consultant - expert, troubleshooter, adviser, advisor consumer - purchaser, buyer, user content - parts, structure, information contract - agreement, terms, engage control - restrict, limit, manage, power, influence restrain rule over convene - meet, gather together, organise a meeting convention - meeting, gathering of people conference, practice conformity convert - change from one form to another modify, win someone over core - main, centre, essential, essence, most important center corporation - company, business, venture, enterprise correspondence - communication, letters, email, similarity, symmetry corresponding - matching, connected, correlating, opposite corrupt - dishonest, illegal, immoral, illicit, flawed, incorrect information, pervert, spoil, ruin costing - estimating, pricing, cost, price, value, valuation, quote, quotation counsel - adviser, lawyer counsellor - troubleshooter, advisor, adviser, counselor counterfeit - fake, forgery coupon - voucher cover - include, protect, conceal, provide a service credentials - qualities, experience, references, endorsements, crude - simple, inaccurate, makeshift, improvised, improvized curb - control, limit, restrain, moderate current - present, existing, topical, happening now curtail - limit, reduce, shorten, cut customer - buyer, purchaser, client, patron D AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ data - facts, information, evidence dealer - trader, merchant declaration - affirmation, official statement declare - state, announce, tell, divulge, speak affirm decline - weaken, shrink, decrease decouple - disconnect decree - official order, decide, decision made in court deduct - take away, subtract deed - action, action, written agreement deep - serious, extreme, profound defect - fault, imperfection, shortfall, leave defective - faulty, imperfect, incomplete defend - protect, resist defer - delay, put off deficiency - lack, shortfall, defect, insufficiency deflate - reduce, lessen, make smaller, ridicule defraud - trick, be dishonest, obtain money illegally defray - provide money defunct - unused, extinct, dead, no longer existing degrade - worsen, impair, disrespect delete - remove, erase, obliterate, stop making deliver - provide, produce, achieve, give demand - firm request, order, require, claim demonstrate - show, explain, prove demonstration - explanation, proof depart - exit, leave, go dependent - controlled, connected, supported, reliant deplete - reduce, waste, use up, exhaust depreciate - detract, decrease in value, demonetise, demonetize, amortise, amortize deputy - stand-in, substitute, proxy design - plan, prototype, pattern, make, artwork develop - grow, advance, produce, build, create become device - object, tool, piece of equipment method (of doing something) devise - plan, think of, invent, originate, conceive, innovate, create, conceptualise, conceptualize diagram - drawing, plan, representation, picture, sketch, blueprint, map, image dictate - control, influence, dominate digit - number, character, finger dilute - reduce, lessen effectiveness weaken dimension - size, aspect directory - list, listing, database disallow - prohibit, exclude, refuse permission discharge - sack, remove, give official permission carry out a duty disclose - tell, reveal, expose discontinue - stop, terminate discount - ignore, disregard, reduction in price discrepancy - disagreement, difference between two amounts , disintegrate - deteriorate, break up (into pieces) dismiss - remove (person), sack, disregard, reject dispatch - send, report display - show, exhibit, arrange (items) dispose - sell, get rid of dispute - disagreement, argument, quarrel, argue disqualify - prevent, exclude, ban, outlaw, reject dissolve - end (contract or partnership), cease, cancel distribute - supply, give, apportion, share out diversify - modify, develop wider range, adapt, extend activities divest - sell, get rid of, dispose of division - unit, section, classification doable - achievable, possible, can be done, viable, practical, practicable, feasible docket - label, record, ticket document - record, official paper dodge - avoid, elude, evade dominant - powerful, important, main, influential dominate - control, influence donate - give done - completed, finished, ended downgrade - reduce status, reduce value, make less important driven - compelled, influenced drop - weaken, lower, decrease, reduce, fall discontinue duplicate - copy, reproduce durable - strong, tough, Long-lasting duress - threat, force duty - obligation, task, work, job, tax necessity E AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ earnings - profit, wages, salary, income economic - profitable, cost-effective, viable, financial, commercial, trading economical - good value, cheap, low-budget, affordable edge - advantage, brink effective - productive, successful, forceful, advisable efficient - operative, not wasteful, skillful elect - choose, vote for, chosen eligible - included, have the right emerge - appear, be disclosed employ - use, engage, recruit, hire employee - worker, staff member emporium - shop, department store, depot enable - empower, permit, facilitate endorse - support, approve enhance - improve, highlight enquire - ask, find out , inquire enquiry - question, request for information (RFI), inquiry entitlement - claim, official right equipment - tools, machinery, wherewithal equity - money, capital, funds, asset, share erode - weaken, impair, reduce error - mistake, misjudgment escalate - increase, grow, make more serious establish - create, start, become successful demonstrate ethic - moral, principle ethical - right, morally correct or acceptable etiquette - protocol, convention, rules of correct behaviour, behavior evade - avoid, elude evaluate - appraise, estimate, guess, assess evaluation - opinion evolve - develop gradually, become, unfold exceed - outdo, be superior, overstep exceptional - outstanding, unusually good, very unusual execute - do, carry out, act, perform action or task exercise - activity, keep fit, work-out, act, invoke, apply excessive - exorbitant, unwarranted, superfluous, unreasonably high exhibition - show, display, presentation exit - leave, quit, sell (ownership of an enterprise) exorbitant - overpriced, dear, extortionate expand - grow, broaden, increase experience - skill, knowledge, wisdom expert - ace, skilled, proficient expire - end, finish, elapse explain - justify, account for, interpret exploit - treat unfairly, take advantage of, misuse, make best use of extend - lengthen, expand, lengthen, make longer, make (an offer) F AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ fabricate - make, build, fake something, lie facilitate - make easy, ease, accommodate, enable, help, coach, advise, mentor, provide facility - building, factory, convenience, ease facilities - buildings, services, equipment, means, scope factor - quality, feature, component, cause, influence failed - unsuccessful, fallen short fair - acceptable, appropriate, just, honorable fake - false, not genuine, imitation, sham fall - decrease, drop, descend, fail false - wrong, incorrect, not genuine, erroneous faulty - imperfect, incorrect, inexact feasible - possible, achievable fee - charge (money) feed - supply, provide fickle - changeable, unreliable firm - business, company fixed - set, unchanging, habitual flag - tire, weaken, mark (something) flaw - mistake, imperfection, weakness flood - deluge, numerous, many flop - failure, washout, non-event, damp squib flourish - grow, develop, prosper, be fruitful flyer - leaflet force - influence, power, energy, strength, personnel forecast - predict, foretell formal - official, correct, suitable format - arrangement, plan, design formulate - create, prepare, arrange foundation - basis, source, beginning fractional - unimportant, very small freight - cargo, goods, merchandise functional - working, practical, useful, instrumental furnish - supply, provide, make ready futile - useless, absurd, pointless G AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ gamble - risk, speculate, uncertainty gap - space, difference, requirement gauge - measure, estimate, judge generate - produce, create, cause generic - standard, unbranded (product) get - obtain, receive, understand gimmick - trick, novelty, contrivance glitch - problem, fault global - worldwide, universal, inclusive goal - aim, objective, ultimate goods - products, merchandise governance - control, power grant - allow, permit, permission, consent graph - plan graphic - descriptive, representing gratis - free, uncharged grievance - complaint, discontent ground - reason, basis, educate grounding - training, knowledge grow - increase, expand, mature guarantee - promise, safeguard, legal agreement, make certain, guest - visitor guidance - help, advice, instructions, tips guru - expert, sage H AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ hallmark - sign, feature, indication, standard (of quality of something) halo-effect - feelgood factor, positive reflection, positive association, reflected glory, (more about halo effect - see also BIRGing) haggle - argue, barter, bargain handbook - manual, instructions, notes, guide hand-holding - supporting, buddying, supervising, helping handle - deal with, manage, be responsible for, organise, organize handmade - unique, individual, bespoke, high quality, exclusive, labour intensive, labor intensive, made by hand not machine or automated harass - upset, annoy, frighten, intimidate, bully, exert force upon, pressurise, pressurize (a person or people) hard copy - paper printed format (as distinct from electronic or digital format) hardball - aggression, firmness, determination hard selling - aggressive selling, pressure, strong persuasion harmonise - combine, integrate, bring together (successfully), harmonize harvest - profit, reward, reap reward, milk, exploit, monetise, monetize haulier - transporter, carrier of goods hazard - danger, obstacle, gamble, risk, obstacle, threat hazardous - dangerous, damaging headcount - employees, workforce, staff, team, labour force, labor force, workgroup headline - main, overall, total, story, message heads-up - warning, brief update, short report head-to-head - confrontation, standoff, battle, fight, argument, debate (between two parties) headway - gain, progress, increase, rise, improvement heartland - centre, focus, epicentre, middle, core, heart, heartlands (usually an area of something successful or popular) hedge - reduce risk, offset risk, protect against risk help - aid, support, assist, buddy, mentor, guide, teach, assistance, care for, oversee, facilitate, enable helpdesk - service, assistance, support, information (department or team or group) hierarchy - structure, order, management structure, organizational structure, taxonomy, grouping, classification, system, pecking order highlight - emphasise, indicate, make obvious, emphasize hire - employ, rent, lease hitch - problem, difficulty hone - develop, improve, sharpen hostile - unfriendly, adverse, attacking hub - centre, focus, chief thing center hypothetical - suppositional, imaginary I AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ identify - find, discover illegal - unlawful, prohibited, illicit illicit - illegal, disallowed by law image - impression, picture, copy, reflection impact - influence, importance imperfection - weakness, fault, blemish improper - dishonest, inappropriate, inapt, disreputable imprudent - unwise, not sensible, careless, risky, reckless inactive - idle, inert, not working, not in use inadmissible - disallowed, excluded incentive - inducement, reward, motivation, something that encourages incentivise - encourage, offer a reward, incentivize income - earnings, wages, salary incoming - arriving, received incompetence - lack of skill or ability independent - unconnected, uncontrolled, unsupported, unrelated indicative - showing, suggesting, evidential indicate - point, sign, show inefficient - wasteful, unskillful, useless ineligible - unqualified, rejected inertia - inactivity, indifference inflate - increase, enlarge inflexible - rigid, unchangeable, unbendable, obstinate influence - motivate, modify, bias, authority inform - tell, relate, influence, educate information - facts, details, data inoperative - invalid, unusable, powerless, not working inspect - check, scan, look closely at instruct - tell, teach, train, inform, command instruction - information, command integrate - combine, put together integrated - connected, combined interim - lull, Short-term, not permanent intermediary - middleman, mediator, facilitator invalid - incorrect, unwarranted, officially or legally unacceptable item - object, article, component itinerary - schedule, journey plan, travel route, route, roadmap J AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ jettison - reject, eject, get rid of job - opening, position, opportunity, task, duty undertaking jobless - unemployed, inactive join - connected, fix, enroll, meet, bring together become a member judge - decide, arbitrate, form an opinion, adjudicate jump - rise, increase, leap, interval jumpy - nervous, anxious, agitated justify - explain, demonstrate, warrant K AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ keen - eager, sharp, competitive, willing key - most essential, most important, main, chief thing, crucial influential keynote - important thing, chief thing kill - spoil, destroy, stop kit - tools, equipment, materials, parts know-how - knowledge, experience, means, skill knowledge - information, skills, understanding, comprehension, mastery kudos - prestige, esteem L AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ label - tag, brand, mark of identification landmark - important event or achievement or matter languish - fail, become weaker, be affected latent - concealed, lurking lateral - sideways thinking, different perspective lawful - legal, licit, legitimate lead - control, ahead, guide, advantage, direct leading - best, managing, inspiring learning - development, teaching, coaching, growth, edification, knowledge, experience, discovery lease - rent, hire legible - readable, intelligible, understandable legislation - law, regulation legitimate - legal, genuine, legally acceptable leverage - influence, upper hand liable - liable, responsible, legally responsible, punishable by law, subject to law, exposed to, open to, vulnerable limit - restrict, restrain, restriction, bind link - connect, join, relationship, communicate, intermediary log - record, gauge, documentation, diary, journal logic - reason, reasoning, rationality loom - threaten, impend low-end - cheap, inexpensive loyal - faithful, trustworthy lucrative - profit-making, gainful, money-making lure - persuade, entice, tempt M AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ magnate - tycoon, mogul, business chief mainstream - usual, normal, main (part), tendency, mass maintain - keep, continue, record, check, support sustain provide majority - largest, greatest part, main part make - create, form, build, produce, compel constitute makeover - changeable, improve malfunction - fail, stall, break down manage - control, run, undertake, supervise, conduct manager - boss, head, director, controller mandate - official order or instruction charge, trust mandatory - must-do, required by law, obligatory, compulsory, unavoidable, necessary manipulate - control, influence, deceive, operate, misuse manufacture - production, create, make or produce goods marginal - small, unimportant, inconsiderable, insignificant, marginally - slightly, insignificantly markdown - cheapen, reduce price marketable - easy to sell, saleable, attractive to employers or customers salable marketeer - seller, salesperson mark-up - increase in price, overcharge mature - experienced, well-developed, well-established maximum - greatest, largest, most meagre - small quantity, poor quality, economical meager mean - average, middle mediate - moderate, intervene, negotiate, arbitrate mediocre - average, not very good, middling, inferior mega - impressive, greatest part, very large memo - note, reminder memorandum - report, proposal, record menial - inferior, unskilled (work) merchandise - goods, products merchandising - selling merge - combine, mix middleman - intermediary, mediator, agent milestone - important stage or event mindset - attitude, fixed ideas minimal - lesser, smallest or least amount minimum - smallest or lowest possible minted - recently produced or created very rich miscellaneous - various, mixed, non-uniform misconduct - malpractice, bad management, unacceptable behaviour, unacceptable behavior mission - aim, goal, vocation, important job mobile - moveable, transportable, moving model - design, copy, prototype, form an opinion moderate - reasonable, average, mild, middle of the road moderator - intermediary, referee, mediator modify - changeable, alter, vary, make more suitable monitor - check, watch (something) moribund - ineffective, inactive, dying, likely to fail motion - proposal motivate - encourage, push mushroom - multiply, develop quickly, rapidly grow or increase N AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ name - brand, repute, well-known person or company or product need - requirement, require, shortfall negligible - unimportant, inconsiderable negotiate - make terms, discuss negotiations - formal discussions, conference no-frills - basic, unadorned nominal - very small, insubstantial, trivial, in name only, nominate - suggest, choose, select nosedive - descent, sudden drop or fall notable - noteworthy, person of repute, outstanding, remarkable, unforgettable notional - estimated, guessed, suppositional novel - new, interesting, amusing nullify - invalidate, extinguish number one - most important, best, premier, self O AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ oath - promise, testimony, true statement object - item, thing, purpose, goal, disagree objective - aim, goal obligation - duty, promise, necessity observe - watch, study, see observer - watcher, spectator obsolete - outdated, disused, no longer in use occupation - job, profession, interests offend - upset someone, commit crime, displease official - formal, authoritative, genuine, businesslike, authorised, authorized opening - opportunity, job, starting operate - control, use, work, function operation - business, activity, undertaking opinion - idea, conviction, persuasion, point of view opportunity - opening, possibility, scope, chance optimal - best, most likely to succeed option - choice, decision, pick order - request, demand, instruction, command, require organisation - business, company, group, structure, corporation, organization organise - arrange, plan, compose, organize origin - source, starting place oust - eject, force out outcome - result, effect outdated - outmoded, antiquated, old-fashioned outline - description, overview, main points or facts outstanding - notable, superior, not yet paid or done or solved overachieve - do better than expected overhype - exaggerate override - overrule, stop, reject decision or order oversee - supervise, watch (something), manage oversight - mistake, negligence, forget to do something overview - outline, general description P AB CD EF GH IJ KL MN OP QR ST UV WX YZ pact - agreement, promise, handshake par - equivalence, expectation, forecast, standard parameter - limit, target, border, guideline, constraint, measure parcel - package, apportion, piece pare - cut, reduce gradually parity - similarity, being equal, balance, equality partial - incomplete, fractional, in part participate - cooperate, take part in, collaborate, partner particular - specific, certain particulars - details, information, description patronage - support, protection, influence, custom payback - reward, advantage, return, just desert peg - fix (prices), hold pending - waiting, undecided, in process, happening soon perform - do, act, entertain peripheral - unimportant, marginal, external, outside perk - bonus, reward, benefit permit - allow, let, right to do something persuade - press, urge, convince, induce, cajole, pressurise, pressurize, sell phase - stage, aspect, step, section pick - choose, opt, take, select, selection, choice picket - protest, obstruct, demonstrate, be obstructive pigeonhole - classification, compartment, put into a particular group, categorise, categorize pilfer - steal, thieve, rob pitfall - difficulty, danger, peril, trap placement - job, location plan - chart, diagram, drawing, plot, vision, envision, intention, detailed arrangements, blueprint plateau - level out, flatten, stabilise, stabilize platform - basis, policy, standpoint pledge - promise, formal promise, oath, bequeath, bequest, bequeathment plummet - plunge, founder, fall suddenly plunge - plummet, descend rapidly pointer - sign, indication, indicator policy - course of action, contract of insurance procedure, pool - group, collect money or information store, joint possession portable - moveable, transferable, easily carried portion - part (of a whole) position - place, job, opinion, prestige positive - goods, useful, affirmative, believing possessor - owner, holder post - mail, job, situation, subsequent, after or later than, publish, announce, postpone - defer, delay, put off until later potential - possible, qualities that can be developed power - control, influence, strength, energy, operate, authority practice - action, custom, habitual, exercise, etiquette, usual way of doing something practise - rehearse, repeat, act, do, behave precise - exact, accurate, definite prefer - choose, like better preferential - giving an advantage to prejudice - unreasonable dislike bigotry, have a harmful effect on premier - most important, most successful, first showing of something presentation - speech, show, formal introduction press - persuade, push, request prestige - respect, admiration, influence, importance prestigious - admired, respected, important luxury presumption - supposition prevail - outweigh, override prevailing - existing prevalent - very common, extensive, universal prey - easy target, victim prey on - ill-treat, exploit, cause harm, con, trick priceless - extremely valuable, important, very precious pricey - expensive, dear primary - main, fundamental, simple, most important prime - main, most important, primary, excellent principal - main, most important, rule, director, in general law prior - previous to, previously, before, earlier, happening or existing before prioritise - rank, put in order of importance, prioritize priority - most important, precedence, to be dealt with first privilege - special right or advantage privileged - confidential information prize - award, very valuable, desired object probe - investigate, inquiry, ask questions procedure - policy, usual or correct way of doing things proceed - begin, starting place, commence, progress productive - growing, making, gainful, profitable, achieving or doing a lot profession - skilled job, vocation, trade, skill, qualification proficient - able, skilled, practised, competent profile - description, outline, shape, visibility, reputation profitable - advantageous, prolific, money-making, viable, economical, rewarding programme - program, schedule, agenda, course, itinerary progress - develop, go forward, improve, improvement prohibit - stop, prevent, restrain, bar, ban promote - upgrade, make better, put forward, advance, advertise, market, sell prompt - punctual, without delay, hint, remind proportion - portion, part or share of a whole proposal - plan, request, intention, formal suggestion proposition - plan of action, business idea proprietor - owner of business or land or property,etcLook at the Business Dictionary for words and terms you can't find in the thesaurus and for definitions/explanationsamplifyThe music was amplified with microphonesUse a pocket dictionary to check/confirm precise meanings if you are uncertain about a word's suitability - a dictionary (book) is much quicker than the web and is generally more reliableUK-English spellings of many words ending in 'ise', such as organise, realise, etc., may also appear on this page (compared to US-English 'ize')See increaseTo increase in amount: hike, jack (up), jump, raise, upenlargeplans to enlarge the park into a 30,000 all-seater stadium inflatePromotion can inflate a film's final costJoin YourDictionary today Create and save customized word listsTopA book that someone writes about their own life is called an autobiography.biography noun biographies considered as a type of literatureblook noun a book based on a blogblue book noun American a book with a list of the prices that you should expect to pay for used cars or other used productsbodice-ripper noun mainly journalism a book or movie about romantic relationships in the 18th or 19th centuries, containing a lot of sex scenesbook noun a written work that is published, either as printed pages inside a cover or electronicallybook noun a set of printed pages fastened together inside a coverbooklet noun a small thin book that gives you information about somethingcalendar noun a set of pages showing the days, weeks, and months of a particular yearcatalog noun a book containing information organized in a specific way, and often containing picturescatalog noun American a small book describing a school, university, etc., and giving details of its programscatalogue the British spelling of catalogchapter book noun American a book for young children that is divided into chapters (=sections) and tells a story in writing rather than in picturescoffee table book noun a large expensive book with a lot of pictures in itcollection noun poems, stories, or other pieces of writing that are published together in a bookcompanion noun used in the titles of books for showing that they are about a particular subjectcompendium noun formal a detailed collection of information on a particular subject, especially in a short bookthe complete works all of a writers work, published in one set or in one bookcookbook noun a book that contains recipes (=lists of the things you need and instructions for preparing and cooking food)cookery book noun British a cookbookcoursebook noun British a textbookdictionary noun a book, website or other resource which deals with a particular subject, providing the words, phrases, and terms used in that field, with information about their meaning and usedirectory noun a book that lists information in alphabetical ordere-book noun a book published on the Internetelectronic book noun an e-bookencyclopaedia a British spelling of encyclopediaencyclopedia noun a reference resource which provides information about many different subjects or about one particular subjectKeep one on your desk and use itThe Macmillan Dictionary blog explores English as it is spoken around the world English and language change from our blog Free thesaurus definition of to do business and relating to doing business from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Publishers Limited. 171bf2437f

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Love & Happiness: A collection of personal reflections and quotes Yasmin MogahedFigley’s Search For The Perfect Pet (Mutasia) download epub mobi pdf fb2[PDF] Very Best of Coldplay (Easy Guitar With Notes & Tab)The Good Life Book: A Professional’s Guide to Happiness, Balance and Meaning Brett CowellONLINE BOOK Los Hierbos Asperremaos, Un Madrileño en Extremadura (Spanish Edition)Jokes: 2 Books in 1 (Funny Jokes for Kids & Funny Stories for Kids) Joe KingMoses & Son: Pioneers of Frontier Florida download epub mobi pdf fb2[PDF] HARD ROLL: A Paramedic’s Perspective of Life and Death in New OrleansREAD BOOK The White Wolf Prophecy - Mating - Book 1: Mating (The White Wolf Prophecy Trilogy)Painting the Edge: Deep Data and MLB DFS download epub mobi pdf fb2
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